The Bellies 700014564. Doll. Muak-Muak model.


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The Bellies 700014564. Doll. Muak-Muak model.

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  • The Bellies are the most unruly, naughty and funny interactive dolls ready to adopt; Each Belly has its own personality, but if there is something that they have in common are their antics. By removing the umbilical cord you will hear the beat of your heart; Afterwards, Muak-Muak will start speaking in their own language and, if you put them next to another Belly, they will recognize each other and talk to each other. Also, inside your diaper you will find a funny surprise; you should check the poopypedia to see what care your Belly needs. Includes bottle, pacifier, personalized blanket and Poopypedia; It works with 3 AAA batteries. A doll that teaches the value of taking care of a baby, with the funniest and funniest touch.

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