Job Opportunities

Are you a dynamic person, with attitude and initiative? Your skills can be a key point for us, and your ideas can become future innovations for our company.

It is part of our team. Send us an email with your resume to rrhh@productoslicenciados.comand we will review your application.

We look for analytical, creative, technical profiles, with the gift of people…

Do you like to deal with people? We offer you a dependent position in any of our stores. Bring our products to customers, individuals or companies!

In Productos Licenciados we work with the best brands, so the assistance and administration has to be up to the task. We try that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with their purchase helping him in any doubt or incident, that is why we put a great team at his disposal in which to be able to trust.

The capacity of organization and management is a key point together with the knowledge of the market to always know how to choose the best for the company and the client./span>

Having experience in the online world is not a mandatory requirement but will allow us to better understand the problems and behaviors of the business, as well as managing relationships with customers and suppliers, digital marketing and other aspects related to companies that operate over the Internet.

A good management of web analytics will allow us to measure the traffic of our platform, its sources and many more indicators.

Any training related to e-commerce can be useful also for us, be it any knowledge of online marketing, customer service, web analytics, business administration, etc.